Stella's Barn
Country Comfort Restaurant and Lounge

The History of “Stella’s Barn”

The property and buildings were once a part of Seaney’s Greenhouses, a long-standing business in Newfield. By 1999, Seaney’s greenhouse operation was closed down and in 2001, Joe and Terry Ferrara bought the house and property. The greenhouses were torn down and disposed of, but the barns were left standing. After moving their reluctant children to their new home, they found that the barns were the ultimate forts for Matthew; however, Lauren, (nicknamed Stella), took a real dislike to them. In fact, she particularly disliked this barn, which was a metal pole barn that housed most of the nursery equipment. Lauren begged to have the barn torn down, but her parents had plans for it. In fact, they promised to name the barn after her when they turned it into something. In 2003, Terry transformed the barn into a gift shop and naturally decided to call her gift shop Stella’s Barn. In 2005, Terry and Joe added a café in the back of the shop. The café eventually grew into the restaurant that is Stella’s Barn today.